Drivers License

Driver License Renewals

Drivers License renewals can be obtained in the Washington County Probate office or online. An individual seeking a drivers license for the first time, must take the drivers test downstairs in the Washington County Courthouse on the first Tuesday of each month from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. It would be best to call ahead at (251) 847-6713.

For on-line drivers license renewal click here

Those moving from out of state into Washington County should consult the State Driving Examiners as well, at (251) 847-6713.

For any additional questions please call our office at (251) 847-2201.



Prices last update 2-12-15

Driver License Fees

Class A Commercial License
Motor Driven Cycle License $36.25
Class B Commercial License
Motorcycle License $36.25
Class C Commercial License
Learner's License $36.25
CDL Permit
Duplicate License $35.25
School Buses Only
$36.25 Identification Cards $36.25
Class D Operator License $36.25


Identification Card No Age Requrements 
Class D Learner License 15 years old
Class D 16 years old
Motor Driven Cycle 14 years old
Vessel License 12 years old
CDL Class A Unrestricted 21 years old
CDL Class B Unrestricted 21 years old
CDL Class B Restricted 18 years old
CDL Class C 21 years old

International Drivers License

International Driver's license must be obtained through the following location:


Mobile Branch

720 Schillinger Rd S #5

Mobile, AL 36695

(251) 639-3510

 For additional information: